Gary Brown Launch Facility


Newly constructed in 2011, this is the only municipal ramp that services Lewis Bay/Hyannis Harbor; it is approximately a ten to fifteen minute run to Nantucket Sound, with a no wake zone extending from the ramp to just outside the point at Kalmus Beach. This ramp can be busy during weekends in the summer and negotiating Hyannis traffic with a boat trailer can also be a challenge. There are no restroom facilities at this facility.

Location: Located at 147 Lewis Bay Road, this facility has a wide, single lane ramp with a floating dock and a bulkhead where boats can tie up if the float is occupied.

Fees and Parking: There is no fee to use the ramp and on site parking for 12 to 13 vehicle/trailer combinations, as well as six vehicle-only spots and handicapped parking. In addition, the town has an agreement with the Steamship Authority to use their Off-Site Parking Lot for approximately two-dozen vehicle/trailer combinations. This lot is about a two or three minute walk back to the ramp.

Fuel: Hyannis Marine provides fuel service in the harbor and there are a number of marinas that provide boat repair service, although many of them are private.

Additional Information: The Town of Barnstable also has two marinas in Hyannis Harbor, Bismore Park and Gateway Marina, and both offer transient slips is you prefer to launch your boat and keep it in a slip during your stay. The cost of a transient slip for all of the Town of Barnstable marina facilities is $2.75/foot per day from May 1 to October 31 and $1.50/foot per month from November 1 to April 30, with an electric hook-up costing $7.25 per day where available.

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