Outer Cape

From Provincetown down to Chatham, the Outer Cape and its great backside beach is a famous place to fish for striped bass. An abundance of seals had made it more difficult to fish from shore recently, but the striped bass fishing via boat off of Nauset has been a popular spot over the last few years.

Fishing Reports & News

Outer Cape Updated Fishing Report

There are castable size tuna within three miles of Nauset, with the jig bite being the best. Some large bass have also been mixed in with the bluefin. Shore fishing is picking up with bass in the low 30-inch class. 


Outer Cape Fishing Report – October 11, 2018

If you find anyone fishing the backside beaches, they will be catching mainly schoolies, as has been the case this…


Outer Cape Fishing Report – October 5, 2018

Small bass from the beaches and tuna three to five miles outside from Nauset up to the Golf Balls, with an occasional push of them closer in. There are mainly giants around, with castable fish taping out at 60 to 70-inches, which is still a big fish.


Latest Video

Large plumes of sand eels have flooded the outer Cape over the past few weeks, creating conditions for excellent striper fishing. In this video, Capt. Mike shares a few tips for when you’re marking bait and bass, but can’t get them to notice your jigs.

Filmed May 14th, 2017

Braving frigid conditions on an early November morning, Salty Cape's Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Cullen Lundholme of Cape Star Charters headed north from Sandwich Marina to the waters just off of Provincetown. Equipped with Shimano Stella 14000W reels and Hogy Pro Tails, Capt. Cullen and Capt. Mike successfully pitched topwater baits into schools of crashing bluefin, hooking up with a BFT well into the 100-pound range.

Filmed May 27th, 2016

Capt. Terry Nugent and Capt. Mike Hogan of Salty Cape target big striped bass on a hot sand eel bite off the coast of Provincetown. Learn how to dial in your Raymarine radar to find flocks of birds and navigate your way through the fog, leading to awesome striped bass fishing action.

Filmed July 7th, 2016

Join captains Mike Hogan and Shaun Ruge with Riptide Charters to learn some tips on jigging and casting for finicky striped bass feeding on sand eels off Provincetown, MA. The sand eels were so abundant the stripers were very picky and would only eat highly imitative presentations. Keys to their success were very light leaders, imitative sand eel soft baits and pinpoint targeting of the fish. The fish were down deep at slack tide where jigging was the name of the game but when the tide started moving the surface bite turned on.

Filmed June 17th, 2015