Woods Hole #460

  • Approximate Lat & Long:  41°30.6’ N, 70°41’ W
  • Known for:  Stripers in the spring and fall, topwater bluefish and albies in the mid-summer and False Albacore in the early fall.
  • Best tide:  West (outgoing)
  • Hazards:  Numerous submerged boulders; shallow, rocky water at Middle Ledge and Red Ledge. Very strong current. Heavy boat traffic at times. Carefully study charts before attempting to fish Woods Hole.
  • NOAA Chart Number:  13235
  • Tide Chart: Click Here
  • Marine Weather: Click Here

The tide really cranks in Woods Hole. Best bet is to fish the first 45 minutes of either tide and fish the swing. Cast unweighted softbaits up current, and twitch them as you retrieve. Best time for this method is in the spring, when the squid run is in. Pink soft baits are a top choice. Another popular technique is to troll the tube and worm. Troll with the tide.


Casting: Position boat close to structure (either ledge, eastern end of Pine Island, off gap between Penzance Point and Devil’s Foot) and cast toward shore, any breaks in current or around submerged boulders. Diving birds may indicate fish below. Position boat off the down tide side Pine Island and do the same. Strong current and submerged boulders make it vital for one person to run the boat while other angler casts.

Trolling: Use heavy gear with wire line and fish along edges of channels. Heavy jigs, tubes or large soft plastics will produce. Troll in SAME DIRECTION AS CURRENT.

Drifting: Chunk or live baits fished on the bottom; heavy jigs. Snag filled bottom can make bait fishing difficult.

More Videos

In this video, Matt Rissell and Ian Crowley head out after dark towards a few rock piles off the Elizabeth Islands in search of fall run action. After only a half an hour, hooked into a 41″ fish. Fighting against the current and on light tackle made for some of the most exciting striper fishing of the season.

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