How To: Catching Bluefin Tuna on Paddle Tails (Butterfish)

Catching Bluefin Tuna on Paddle Tails 

Capt. Mike Hogan and John Burns head out to the east side of the Outer Cape in search of Bluefin tuna.

“Greasy calm conditions out here today so the name of the game is going to be fluorocarbon leaders,” Capt. Mike said.

Today, Capt. Mike is fishing with the Hogy Pro Tail 5oz. Paddle Tail in an attempt to mimic small butterfish and mackerel.

Pro Tail Paddle
Hogy Pro Tail 5oz. Paddle Tail

In terms of casting weight, this is about as small a size lure you can go. In an attempt to fool these milling fish, a slow retrieve is best.

“What’s great about this paddle tail, despite having 4oz. of weight inside the lure, is that the paddle serves as a parachute as you will, to raise the lure to the surface,” Capt. Mike said.

After you cast, keep you rod tip high as you reel in the lure but as it begins to get closer to the boat, you’ll want to slowly drop the angle of the rod tip to keep it below the surface. If you think something is interested or following the lure, speed up your retrieve speed and stall, which is when the fish will most likely hit.

Gear List:

Rod: Shimano Terez 7′ Heavy Spin

Reel: Shimano Stella 20000

Line: 65lb Power Pro

Leader: 80lb Fluoro Wind-On

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