Gray’s Beach #617

Located inside the mouth of Chase Garden Creek, a large estuary that opens into Cape Cod Bay, this spot is a good bet for pre-dawn and late night fishing for stripers. Because of the strong flow, wading should be done with extreme caution. Best bet is to work the edges of marsh along the shore farther inside. There are abundant sand eels here, which draw in the bass so Hogy Sand Eels or the smaller Skinny series are your best choice, fished on light tackle. Fly fishermen also do well here with Clousers, Deceivers or epoxy sand eel patterns. A live eel drifted on the outgoing tide could produce a trophy-sized fish. This is also a great spot to launch a kayak to explore the entire estuary. However, be aware that the tide runs hard through the narrow opening of the creek so if you choose to fish outside in the bay you must be a strong paddler. Two hours on either side of high tide is best, whether you choose to wade or use a personal watercraft. This is a popular public beach so fishing and access are best in low light conditions.

Location: North end of Center Street.

Parking: Good sized paved lot, free and open year-round.

Access: Easy but care must be taken when fishing along the marsh, which has steep drop offs.