Lecounts Hollow Beach #621

This ocean side beach is very similar to nearby Newcomb, White Crest, and Cahoon Hollow beaches in that the beach is fairly featureless but any of these spots can have stripers or bluefish close enough in to catch at times. The outer bars along the entire oceanfront in Wellfleet (including National Seashore property) have openings between them that are used by the fish to enter and leave the deeper trough between the beach and the bars. Those channels and the edges of the bars should always be targeted. This is “big water” with high surf at times so heavier gear is required, as well as good sized plugs with enough weight to be cast a good distance. At times however the stripers will be very close to edge of the shore break so be sure to fish your offering all the way in. Both Jiggn’ and Original series Hogys in the 10-inch size are best bets. Big wooden lures and needlefish catch their share of fish too and fly fishermen who used weighted lines and heavy rods can score well if the fish are in the shore break. Do not attempt to wade here unless the tide is close to low, the surf is small and you can easily access the outer bars. “Mung” can be a problem, especially after a hard on-shore blow and seals are an ever-present nuisance. In spite of those things the beachfront in Wellfleet continues to be a popular surfcasting destination.

Location:  Eastern end of Lecount Hollow Road.

Parking:  Parking here during the day is quite expensive: $40 for a three-day pass for non-residents (also good for entrance to Newcomb Hollow). White Crest and Cahoon cost $20 per day. In all cases, fees are charged during the day in the summer but all these beaches are free and open early and late, and all day in the off-season.

Access: Much walking required, including down (and back up!) good sized sand hills to reach the water from the parking areas in some areas. Not recommended for younger or older anglers who do not have the stamina to negotiate long, soft sand beaches.