Great Island (Wellfleet) #610

For the energetic angler who doesn’t mind a long hike the rewards here are many, both in terms of fishing potential and beautiful scenery. From the parking area on top of a hill on Chequessett Road, count on walking at least a couple miles to get to good fishing areas. The long sand spit that divides the north side of Wellfleet Harbor from the open waters of Cape Cod Bay has along its outer edge a series of sand bars and flats that hold stripers of all sizes from later spring right into the fall. Sand eels, small mackerel and silversides are the primary forage for the bass. Bluefish will also be found along the beach and inside the harbor at times. A good plan is to carry your waders in a light backpack and then change into them when you reach the beach. In contrast to the ocean side beaches, heavy casting gear is not required or even advisable here – much of the bait is small and light spinning or casting outfits are ideal, as are fly rods. Much of the fishing here is sight fishing or targeting fish that are feeding on the surface but blind casting to the troughs between the bars and any dark water you see can also be productive. Use Hogy Sand Eels, Skinnies or 7-inch Originals for excellent action.

Location: End of Chequessett Road.

Parking: National Seashore owned lot, top of hill above Great Island. Free, paved, parking for approx. two dozen vehicles. DO NOT park at the end of Chequessett Road even though this would save considerable walking as vehicles are regularly towed from this area.

Access: Challenging. A hike of approx. one mile is required to reach the beach and more hiking is required to fish the area effectively.