Playbook: Walk and Gun for Bluefin Tuna (Casting) #231

Outline: How to Walk and Gun for Bluefin Tuna

Notes: The slow approach is the ideal way to target tuna and is usually associated with good fishing where there are numerous schools and plenty for everyone. You can consider the approach to be a hybrid of The Running and Gunning Method and the Blind Cast Method.

  • When: This is a great approach when there are a number of fish breaking in a wide area.
  • How-To: Keep it slow and easy. No need for hard running. Idling up to a school at 10 knots or less is ideal. There is no need to hurry in this situation as there are plenty of scattered feeds and they are popping up and down. If you go slow and happy, you might not even get to the school before seeing fish. The main goal is to be slow and deliberate to keep from spooking fish as you close in on the distance.
    • Approach slowly when a nearby school pops up

  • Blind cast and believe!