Tuckernuck Bank #428

Boat Spots Tuckerneck
Tuckernuck Bank

Tuckernuck Bank is a perfect small boat light tackle spot. For starters, it’s a perfect place for  drifting and sight casting small lures in skinny water. Bonito and false albacore will cruise these flats from mid-summer into the fall. Funny fish on the flats is a rare occurrence and special. Nothing is cooler for a light tackle angler to fish these fish in just a few feet of water. Anglers will troll the area as well along the 10-foot contour (north side) along Tuckernuck and Muskeget islands for stripers and bluefish, often with spinning rods. 

Drift or anchor in the 25-foot deep water between Tuckernuck Bank and Tuckernuck Shoal and fish the bottom for large scup, sea bass and fluke. Be sure to have casting gear ready for stripers, bluefish or bonito that may appear in this channel.

Top Hogy Lures Picks

  • 4.5” Hogy Slow Tail: Fish this awesome little bait as slow as she goes in super skinny water for anything that swims. The bait has amazing action even at the slowest of speeds. Bump it on the bottom as a crab imitation…
  • 5” Hogy Slider: Great Blind cast bait here. Albie crack crushses here for whatever reason.
  • 2oz Heavy Minnow with Jig Biki Rig: You will not be able to keep the delicious scup, sea bass and fluke off your jigs…
  • Lat & Long:  41°20’ x 70°15’
  • Best tide: Either; action slows at slack.
  • Hazards:  Few. Dense fog can develop in the summer. Very shallow water in places can result in grounding on the sand bottom.