Pamet River #620

This is perhaps the best-known Cape Cod Bay side fishing spot in Truro and is one of the few creeks on this side of the Cape between Wellfleet and Provincetown. Because of this there is a fair amount of boat traffic at high tide during the summer so fishing during low light conditions is advisable. Stripers will move into the creek as the tide rises and then exit during the ebb in search of abundant sand eels. Fish the creek edges at high tide, approaching the edges quietly as the bass may be working right along the marsh edge. As the tide drops, wade out onto the flats off the end of the creek and watch for cruising fish. Be sure to cast to any darker water you see – there are weed beds and mussel beds scattered off the shore that are prime ambush spots for any lurking stripers.

Location: Approx. ½ mile south of Corn Hill Beach or ½ mile north of Fishers Beach on Cape Cod Bay.

Parking:  Very limited parking at Fisher Beach at end of Fisher Road, fee charged in the summer during the day, free and open all other times. Large paved lot at Corn Hill Beach, fee charged during the day in the summer, free and open all other times. There are also a few parking spots at the north end of Great Hills Road, closer to the creek than the public beaches but this small sand parking area (look for concrete barriers marking the path to the creek) is posted and parking there at the height of the summer season risks getting a parking ticket or even towed. Much less vigorously enforced in the off-season.

Access: A walk of about ½ mile is required from either of the public parking areas. However, at the top of the tide fish might be found along the beach as you walk toward the mouth of the outflow.