Long Nook Beach #614

Although similar to most of the ocean-side beaches on the Cape, what makes this beach even more appealing is the existence of a quite long and wide sand bar that runs for about half mile parallel to the beach just a short distance off shore. Stripers and sometimes bluefish will cruise the trough between the bar and the beach at the higher stages of the tide and long casts are usually not required. A hundred yards or so south of the entrance point to the beach is a major outflow from this trough that divides the bar. This is where just about every fish that has been hunting in the trough will exit to the deeper water outside as the tide drops and should always be targeted. Even though the fish may be in close, use fairly heavy gear here in case longer casts are needed and large wooden plugs, needlefish or metals will score. Better bets are larger size Hogys such as the 10 and 14-inch Originals and the larger size Hogy Sand Eels and Skinnies.

Location: Eastern end of Long Nook Road.

Parking: Paved lot with parking for a few dozen vehicles, fee charged during the day in the summer, free and open all other times.

Access: Easy, but soft sand must be negotiated to reach the edge of the water and some walking may be required to thoroughly fish the trough mentioned above.