Ballston Beach #613

A favorite of surfcasters for generations, Ballston is a good bet for stripers and bluefish, especially after dark. If the surf is up there is a strong shore break and wash so don’t approach the water too closely under those conditions at the risk of being pulled into the break. You will see many fishermen with long surf rods in sand spikes here as they fish with bait, usually fresh sand eels or chunks of menhaden. Plugging is a good bet too and Hogy Originals in the 10 or 14-inch size will get the attention of any bass in the area. If you see fish feeding right in the wash, try Hogy Sand Eels or Skinnies. Use heavy casting gear here and if you choose to fish with bait be sure to have a long enough rod to keep your line out of the shore break. Mung and seals can sometimes be a problem.

Location: Off South Pamet Road.

Parking:  Large paved lot, fee charged during the day in the summer; free and open all other times.

Access:  Fairly easy but if you plan to walk and cast along the beach the process can be quite exhausting due to soft sand. Do not wade or even approach the waters edge if heavy surf is breaking on the beach.