How To: Dog Days of Summer Part 3: Trolling Perfect Squids in Open Water #192

Trolling Perfect Squids in Open Water

Open Water – High Speeds – Large Lure Offering

The Lure: The Hogy Perfect Squid is a classic style-trolling lure that is particularly popular in Cape Cod Bay and East of The Cape, near Chatham. The Hogy Perfect Squid is bullet proof and is most commonly fished at high speeds.

Perfect Squid
Hogy Perfect Squid in Orange

The most popular colors are the bright pink and orange for strong visibility. Since this lure is trolled so fast, you can cover a lot of ground, which in itself greatly increases your odds of finding fish.

Perfect Squid
Hogy Perfect Squid in Pink

Most recreational anglers will troll two rods but many charter boats with trained crew will fish a total of 4 rods with two on the outriggers. The Hogy Perfect Squid is built like a brick S #$@! House. It has a double thick UV reflector infused Silicone skirt, ball bearing tuba grade swivel and the sharpest known wide gap Siwash Hook made by VMC  is connected with stainless steel window sash chain. The Hogy Perfect Squid is a large profile lure that is most often fished near or at the surface.

 Open Water – Day Time: The best dog days of summer open water areas are those where cooler water meets warmer water or in deeper areas with some structure to hold bait where stripers can hide in the cooler depths. Ideally you have both conditions.

Strategy: You’ll want to cover as much ground as you can while you look for signs of life both topside and on your fish finder. I find the fish finder to be the most important tool in the heat of midday. Pound areas where you see marks and bird life.

Trolling Speed: A comprehensive search pattern is ideal, as you want to inspect the most water as possible. If fish are congregated, you can be very close but yet not catch any at all. You want to find the mother load. It’s worth looking

Sometimes the direction that you’re trolling is critical. You’ll want to troll up current, down current, in to the wind, with the wind etc. Often there is a trolling direction (For whatever inconsistent reason) the fish you’re targeting will like best. It’s worth the extra effort to find it and replicate it as much as possible. Don’t forget to look for birds and breaking fish.