Strategy: Troll Scan for Striped Bass #164

Troll Scanning for Striped Bass

Troll scanning allows you to cover more ground while fishing for striped bass. You have the added benefit of also hitting all levels of the water column, as you will constantly be in and out of gear, letting the bait rise and fall through the different levels. At idling speed, I will normally send two lures way back on the jigging or casting rods — preferably two of the same type of lure to avoid tangles with turns, as both lures will react the same way to turning, currents and wind patterns. I will stop for 60 seconds or so if I see targets on the fish finder, but I might also stop for other signs such as surface milling bait, bird life or nervous water.

Sometimes, I’ll stop for extra time on good targets. In which case, I might fire two jigs over the side towards said targets.


  1. Troll two lures way back on casting or jigging outfits.
  2. Keep an eye on the fish finder.
  3. If you identify a target, take the boat out of gear to let the baits sink.
  4. Once you feel your lures have sunk to the desired depth, put your boat back in gear.
  5. Sometimes surging the boat will help draw a strike.


  1. You can cover a wide area of the fishing grounds.
  2. You’re able to fish multiple levels of the water column.
  3. You can eat lunch while fishing 🙂

We recommend the 6.5″ Hogy Pro Tail Paddle ranging between 4oz. – 6oz. It has enough weight to sink down properly and the Paddle Tail gives will give the lure excellent action on the drop.