Gear: Hogy System Casting Lures for Bluefin Tuna and How to Fish Them #209

Capt. Mike Hogan’s Favorite Casting Lures for Bluefin Tuna and How to Fish Them

A quick recap of the different retrieval methods Capt. Mike uses when casting and jigging for tuna include the (A) Fast Skippy Retrieve, a tip-up, fast-crank retrieve; (B) Tip Down with variations, Reel-Reel-Pause and Medium Sub-Surface; and (C) Drop and Reel.

Hogy Sliders

Sliders are great for imitating tuna that are keyed in on mackerel, sea herring and half beaks. Sliders are also great for blind casting as their large size presents a very visible target. You’ll want to fish sliders on a medium retrieve with your rod pointed so that it is slightly upward – almost horizontal to the water. The lure is designed to have a slow, side-to-side wobble built in.

    • Method: B
    • Imitates: mackerel, sea herring and half beaks
    • Hogy Shop Link: Hogy Sliders

Epoxy Jigs®

Large tuna sized Hogy Epoxy Jigs® should be in every tackle box. The Hogy Epoxy Jigs® are similar in length but more slender than the slider. If matching the hatch, they are ideal for imitation medium sized sea herring, mackerel and half-beaks. The Hogy Epoxy Jig® can be fished in three different ways, making them very adaptable to just about any casting situation you may encounter.

Hogy Pro Tail Paddle

The Hogy Pro Tail Paddle is a perfect imitator of any medium sized bait fish. The nice feature about this series is that they come in a variety of weights up to 6oz. The 4oz through 6oz are the most popular. It’s the only soft bait in its class with that much weight which makes the lure unique in that you can cast it with heavy tuna gear. Another benefit from the heavy weights is that this lure can switch hit from casting to jigging, making it incredibly versatile.

    • Method: A, B, C
    • Imitates: Sand eels mackerel, sea herring and half beaks
    • Hogy Shop Link: Hogy Pro Tail Paddles

7″ Charter Grade Poppers

XL Tuna Popper
Xl Tuna Popper

The 7″ Charter Grade Popper is one of our best kept secret lures for casting to foaming Bluefin tuna. This lure has a large cup face design, making for a large disturbance on the water every pop. This comes in handy when tuna are feeding aggressively on the surface, or when they are a bit scattered as the large profile and action calls fish in.

    • Method: B
    • Imitates: Sand eels ,mackerel, sea herring and half beaks
    • Hogy Shop Link: XL Tuna Popper