Top 6 Things About Fishing June!

Here are my 6 favorite things about Fishing June on Cape Cod:

1. The days are long and the Stripers are close. With early mornings and late sunsets, it is very easy to fish around your work schedule. With kids still in school and sports in full crank, easy access is definitely a good this.

2. Topwater Feeds: Squid, Herring, macks, pogies, sand eels, it don’t matter. I love them so much my grammar and spelling goes to heel. I have been blessed to be there for all of the above feeds this year, minus the squid. I still have time. Too bad too, squid are my favorites to way. I love when a bass keys in on one specific squid hoping through the water spraying ink.

3. It’s the best time of year to get a kid hooked on fishing. Hands down the best way to get your kiddo interested in salt-water fishing is to go bottom fishing for scup and sea bass. They are close by, hungry and easy to catch. They are easy to clean in front of your favorite kiddo and taste great fried for finicky eaters. They are the perfect fish to teach the sportsman’s way.

4. TUNA I have a serious problem with tuna and I know I am not alone. Years ago a psychologist on my boat told me that serious fishing can be mapped the same way in your brain as an addiction and that’s why fishing can be so hard on people and relationships. -WHATEVER – I prefer the term PASSION FOR FISHING… And I have that said “passion” each year when the tuna show up. They start with weak rumors and then all the sudden they are all over Facebook. No one is ever ready… Work get’s called in sick and all hell breaks loose. Man I love Tuna in June!

5. TIME. We have the whole summer and fall ahead of us. I just love the sense of timelessness of June. There is everything still ahead in terms of the fishing season. The beauty fo fishing on Cape Cod is just as you start getting bored with one thing, it ends and new species or technique pops up to take the place of what you were just doing. The variances intra-season forces us to be keen anglers in touch with nature on top of everything, I Love that.

6. Cisco Whale’s Tale. For some reason I love the WTs extra extra in the summer, especially in cans if I can find them. Don’t get me wrong enjoy them all year long and get extra excited when I see them on tap in the off season when I go out more than I do in the summer. (Thank You Lobster Trap and Quick’s Hole Tavern for having my favorite beer on tap.) If you have not tried a WT yet, do. It’s for people who like flavor. So if light beers are your bag, don’t try it. WT is beer for beer drinkers. Oh yeah, It’s good luck my boat to bring me a six pack when fishing with me ☺ Is it noon yet?