Top 5 Spots for Tuna Fishing in Cape Cod Bay & Beyond

This run is based out of Sandwich boat basin but pertains to any Harbor from Duxbury/ Marshfield area to Barnstable Harbor, perhaps with some variation of start and end points. Of course this loop is editable with wind and time considerations (see some options below).

The total running distance from Sandwich Boat basin is about 100 nautical miles round trip if you run the full loop. There’s plenty of fetch from just about any direction for the duration you are on Stellwagen and can be quite rough in any wind direction. On a SW wind, you will have a rough ride until you get into the lee of the land, so it can be a rough ride in. That said, you’d hammer through a NE to the grounds but have a following sea back.

Stop 1 – Stellwagen SW Corner
This spot is 19NM from Sandwich, 12NM Miles from Marshfield and 15NM from Plymouth. It’s an excellent starting point, and if you get lucky here, you could have a very close and easy day on your hands. Note: This spot was once a favorite spring cod fishing location for me but with current regulation and population issues I view it as a favorite Haddock spot now. I use 6oz Cod jigs here with pink soft-bait teasers. If no tuna and the haddock bite is on, you could possible guarantee “dinner” with about 20 min of fishing time.

  • Lat & Long: 42°9.3 x 70°18.9

Stop 2 – Stellwagen SE Corner and Beyond
We’ll call this run about 20NM miles with loops to investigate birds and whales factored in along the way. Keep your eyes peeled, as the journey here is as important as the end destination. Note: you’ll notice some humps east of Stellwagen, this is a good area to target Haddock if you find some nice targets on the fish finder.

  • Lat & Long: 42°11 x 70°11.9

Stop 3 – The Lanes
If no signs of life, time to start heading SE, to about the same latitude as the “Golf Balls” about 8NM this will have you running along the shipping lanes, here you will be looking for fish in deeper water.

  • Lat & Long: 42°17.9 x 70°0.6

Stop 4 – “Tuna Coast”
Here, you will push into more shallow water, well within site of land about 3NM.

  • Lat & Long: 42°2.4 x 69°58.3

Stop 5 – Peaked Hill Bar
Peaked Hill Bar is a spot I associate with good fall fishing. Even though you will feel very close to land, keep your jigging gear handy. I have had some of my best tuna jigging in 250’ of water off Peaked hill Bar.

If no tuna at this point, you can feel like you just ran a professional-grade loop for tuna. Pat yourself on the back for the hard work, fuel spent and the focus to find your own fish, which is the best kind.

  • Lat & Long: 42°5.6 x 70°9.8

Bonus: Spot 6 – Striper Fishing at Race Point
On your way back, you will find yourself very close to Race Point, home of some of the best striper fishing on cape cod. A sand eel jig or soft bait rigged on a jigging rod could easily put a striper on your boat. Scan the area from 20 to 100’ on your fish finder and drop on targets. Please be mindful of boats trolling, you don’t want to block the way of boats working a pattern.

  • Lat & Long: 42°3.7 x 70°14.9