Top 4 Spots for Tuna Fishing East of Chatham

This itinerary is based out of Falmouth Harbor but pertains to any Harbor from Westport to Onset to Falmouth To Hyannis, with some variation of start and end points. Of course this loop can be reversed if you are coming from the more Westerly locales or have a head tide from Falmouth in a direction.

The total running distance from Falmouth Harbor is about 150 Nautical miles if you run the full loop, factoring in deviations for signs of life. There’s plenty of fetch from just about any direction for the duration you South of MV and can be quite rough in any wind direction. Please note, that it is very common for the SW wind to “honk” in the afternoon in this region so be ready for large amounts of spray on the return home. I can’t tell you how many times the roughest part of my trip has been from Gay Head back to Falmouth. Plan accordingly with wind and tide.

Stop 1 – Crab Ledge
Crab Ledge is the closest of all the Bluefin tuna spots “out East.” (about 45nm from Falmouth) I like this spot because it is relatively easy to get here for sunrise. Crab ledge holds a ton of bait and I feel like you always have a decent shot at a fish here. I’ll stick it out here for maybe 45 Min at sunrise (assuming I have no intel for any other spot).

Note: Once you have hit the Crab ledge Area, you are in “tuna country” so anytime running to the “next spot” is in grade. Keep eyes peeled. Just because a spot doesn’t have a name, it doesn’t mean there can’t be fish there ;).


  • North Edge 41° 41.000′ N, 69° 47.000′ W
  • West Edge 41° 41.000′ N, 69° 49.000′ W
  • NE Corner 41° 41.000′ N, 69° 43.050′ W
  • South Edge 41° 36.000′, 69° 47.000′ W

Stop 2 – BC Buoy
Next I’ll push East, out into a little deeper water in the Shipping Lanes and charge through the BC buoy area. (About 10NM) This is a big area; I will scan this area liberally for about and hour before heading south.

Lat/Long: 41° 41.390′ N, 69° 35.120′ W


Stop 3 – Regal Sword
Next stop is the Regal Sword (About 15NM) remember, this is all fishy water and keep your eyes peeled. In every loop, I always find I have one spot I pound the hardest and longest, and on this loop it is the Regal Sword. This spot (area I should say) is awesome and has it all. There are varied depths and multiple wrecks. It holds bait really well. I am still haunted by all the large jigged fish I lost in the season of 2017, in which the Regal sword held tuna for over a month. I honestly can’t think of a season when I didn’t boat a large tuna at the Regal Sword. Another thing I like about the Regal Sword is how good the ground fishing is. If you invest about 30 minutes driving around looking for live bottom on your fish finder, you will catch dinner. There is plenty of tide here, so bring heavy jigs. I like 12oz or 16oz.

Lat/Long: 41° 28.0626′ N, 69° 20.5562 W

Stop 4 – BB Buoy
The BB Buoy is the furthest South of the 4 Stops and for that reason is under fished. If you have not seen fish at Crab Ledge, BC Buoy or the Regal Sword, BB Buoy is your last area on this loop to try. One note worth mentioning about the BB buoy is that it is often where Bluefin Tuna show up after disappearing from South OF MV. And if that has just happened, I would advise reversing the loop.

Lat/Long: 41° 15.500′ N, 69° 17.641′ W