The Path #438

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The Path

This stretch along the coast of Wellfleet and Truro is non-descript but often holds big stripers.
For light tackle casting anglers, stay in 10 – 15 feet of water when tide is high but move out as
the tide drops. This spot is protected in a Northeast and East Wind and is a good spot for small
boats to get out of the weather. Best bets for casting are small poppers, lightly weighted softbaits,
and shallow swimming slider style plugs. Fly anglers do very well here. Closer in to shore there
are patches of weed and clear sand; sight cast here for cruising stripers using soft plastics,
swimming plugs, surface swimmers, flies and epoxy jig lures. Fish will retreat to deeper water as
the tide drops. Low light conditions are best although this makes sight casting more difficult.
Always target weed patches or darker water.

Trolling anglers will focus on contour line in 25 feet of water. Troll parallel to the shore. Use
light swimming plugs, un-weighted tubes or even a swimming soft-plastic. Observe the direction
other boats are moving and follow (keep a respectful distance).

  • Lat & Long:  41°57’ x 70°05’  (approximate – general area is not well defined)
  • Best tide: Outgoing.
  • Hazards:  Few, although there may be many boats trolling the same area.

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