Squibnocket #418

Boat Spots squibnocket


(1)  Cast large soft plastics, eels, swimming plugs or surface plugs close to shore. If large ocean swells are breaking at the point, stay well out and cast into the wash created by the breaking waves.

(2)  Troll in an easterly/westerly direction along the 10 – 15 foot deep hump approx. 300 yards off the point.

(3)   Anchor anywhere around Old Man shoal in 30 feet of water and fish chunk baits on the bottom or speed jig for large stripers. Also work the Old Man shoal adjacent to can “3” approx. half way between the Point and Noman’s Land island. Use tubes, large soft plastics or deep diving plugs on wire line.

NOAA chart number:  13233

Lat & Long:  41°22’ x 70°48’

Best tide:  Outgoing to low slack.

Hazards:  Large boulders off Squibnocket Point; strong rip close to shore combined with waves and swells from offshore will try to push your boat into the boulder field at the Point.

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