Squash Meadow #422

Boat Spots Squash Meadow

Squash Meadow

NOAA chart number:  13233

Lat & Long:  41°28’ x 70°28’

Best tide:  Either; action slows at slack.

Hazards:  Few. Some boat traffic at height of summer season.

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Fishing strategy:

Casting:  Although relative small in area, this shoal about a mile east of Oak Bluffs is another prime area to look for bonito and false albacore from mid summer into the fall. Use flies, small soft plastics, small jigs, small metal lures. Watch for birds diving to indicate fish. Best strategy is to quietly drift and wait for the fish to surface nearby rather than “run and gun.”

(1) Great area for sea Bass fishing

(2) Bonito and albies hang around the steamship docks.

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