Sandy Neck #442

Boat Spots Sandy Neck

Sandy Neck

(1) Watch for birds working over bait and surface feeding stripers or bluefish. At the top of the tide drift along the beach and cast to any weed or gravel patches you see. Large 10inch and 14inch soft baits casted toward sure and fished with fast retrieve are top producers.

(2) Work the contour along the entire length of the beach sig zagging between 15 and 35′ of water.. Troll un-wieghted tubes with the tide on lead core line. It can also be productive to carefully troll the channel with the tide in and out of Barnstable Barbor.

    • Approximate Lat & Long:  41°45’ x 70°20’  (approximate center of beach front, ¼ mile off shore)
    • Best Tide: Mid point incoming to high slack.
    • Hazards:  Few; some shallow water and sand bars 100 yards of the beach, exposed at low tide.
    • NOAA Chart Number:  13246
    • Tide Chart: Click Here
    • Marine Weather: Click Here

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