Sandwich Kayak Fishing Location: Scorton Creek #477

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Scorton Creek:  Game Farm Driveway, off Route 6A, East Sandwich. Free parking next to creek for approx. a dozen vehicles, fills quickly in the summer. Easy carry to creek edge. This is perhaps the most well-known estuary for fishing on the Cape Cod Bay side between the canal and Barnstable with a legendary fishery for both stripers and sea-run trout. Also very scenic but timing the tide is crucial. Although the creek is protected from wind, paddling against the tide in either direction (outgoing or incoming) requires strength and stamina. Fish will be found in either direction but a good plan is to arrive an hour or so before high tide. Drift and fish upstream as the tide floods, then reverse as it begins to drop, casting along the high banks of the marsh. If paddling toward the ocean, beware of the narrow, strong outflow at the mouth. Note: this marsh is home to millions of biting insects in the summer so don’t forget the bug repellent!