Robinson’s Hole #409

Robinson’s Hole

Casting: Cast toward the shore, land lure or eel as close in as possible. Work all rocky shorelines. Structure facing onshore breezes will produce more fish. Fish the east corner of the Sound side on a west running tide. Robinson’s Hole often holds top water schooling fish. Soft plastics, swimming plugs, live eels, flies, surface swimming plugs and poppers all work here.

Trolling: Locate a “hump” on the bottom due south of the southern point of Pasque Island with a depth of about 25 feet (surrounding water ranges from 30 – 45 feet). Use wire line and fish large soft plastics, tubes or large jigs here. Troll in the same direction as the current.

  • Approximate Lat & Long:  41°27’ N, 70°48’ W
  • Best Tide:  Mid point of incoming (east) until slack high
  • Hazards: Numerous rocks, most marked on chart. Beware of shallow shelf at narrowest point in the Hole adjacent to Pasque Island. Large swells can be present on the Vineyard Sound side, especially on incoming tide and a southwest wind.
  • NOAA Chart Number:  13229
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