Provincetown Shore Fishing Location: Long Point Beach #608

Long Point Beach #608

This is a unique fishing location on Cape Cod in that a water shuttle is used to access the area. The shuttle, operated by Flyer’s Boat Rentals at McMillan Wharf right in the center of town costs $15 round trip (at this writing) and in the summer it runs on an hourly basis from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  However, off season and off hour drop offs and pick ups may be arranged, which may be preferable to be out there at prime fishing times of pre-dawn, dusk and after dark. What makes Long Point worth the effort is access to very deep water along the beach with strong currents and plenty of bait. In some places the water depth drops to over 50 feet just an easy cast from the sandy beach. Be aware that this deep water close in means that boaters may run the beach quite close in – another good reason to fish in low light conditions when they are less likely to be around. Try Hogy Jiggn’ Series lures on jig heads to search the deep water or Hogy Sand Eels or Hogy Skinny Series if the fish are showing. Some very large stripers are taken here every year. In the late summer, bluefish blitzes are common. Be sure to bring along everything you might need including water and insect repellent as there are no facilities of any kind at Long Point.

Location: Southeast of Provincetown Harbor.

Parking: None. Vehicles access may be possible at certain times with proper permits from the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Access: Via water shuttle described above. Walking in soft sand is required and no wading is needed or recommended due to strong currents and steep drop offs.