Herring Cove Beach #630

Probably the most popular fishing beach in Provincetown because access is easy as can be and the possibility of finding bass and bluefish from spring through fall is very good. You’ll see all popular fishing methods in play here, from bait fishing on the bottom to fly-fishing and everything in between. Sand Eels are prolific here so Hogy Sand Eels and Skinnies are best bets. After dark try some larger offerings such as Hogy Originals in 7, 10 and 14-inch sizes. Fish can show up anywhere along this long stretch of sand but experienced anglers head northeast (you will see Race Point Lighthouse in the distance) to the entrance of a small, shallow outflow called Hatches Harbor. At certain times many sand eels exit the backwaters with the outgoing tide and stripers will enter the flats off the outflow in search of them. This is a long hike in soft sand however, at least ½ mile to reach the productive water. As with other beaches in the National Seashore, seals and mung can be a nuisance at times. In spite of this you will almost always see many anglers working this beach. Fish after dark for best results but blitzing fish are common during the day, especially in the fall.

Location: Off Province Lands Road.

Parking: Row of spaces along northern section of the beach and a large lot farther south. Fee charged during the day; all parking areas may be closed at night during the summer season at the whim of the National Seashore authorities. Free and open at all times in the spring and fall.

Access: Very easy but walking and some wading may be required to find feeding fish.