Paw Wah Pond Outlet #629

The upper reaches of Pleasant Bay open into Little Pleasant Bay and stripers are drawn here by the deeper water, good tidal flow and plenty of forage. This small outlet and the channel that runs out into Little Pleasant Bay are good bets for summer and fall fishing, especially in low light conditions. Plan to begin fishing right after the tide turns after high and look for stripers feeding on bait coming out from Paw Wah Pond. If the water is low enough to wade across the channel, head east along the shore to a sand bar point at the end of Namequoit  River. Stripers cruise the outer flat and the drop off next to the bar in search of the sand eels and silversides that are prolific in the upper bay.

Location:  Eastern end of Portanimicut Road.

Parking: Small paved lot, free and open throughout the year.

Access: Easy. Fish the outlet a hundred yards or so from the parking area. Wading required for the best action.