Nauset Beach #628

One of the most famous fishing, surfing and swimming beaches on Cape Cod. There is an ever-changing string of sand bars and cuts between them just off the beach. At high tide the stripers and sometimes bluefish work the deep troughs between the bars and the beach. As the tide drops they use the cuts to retreat to deeper water. This is “big water” and heavier gear is required is the surf is strong and large. Big swimming plugs, poppers and most other traditional striper lures work well, and the larger 10-inch Hogys, both traditional and jiggin’ versions are absolute killers here. The most energetic surf fishermen walk north toward the entrance to Nauset Inlet while casting and looking for breaking fish. There is a tongue of the marsh behind the beach that begins about a half mile from the parking lot and this waterway often holds bass. There are however two factors that can make fishing at Nauset difficult or even impossible. The huge seal population in the area can spook fish out into deeper water, and especially in the summer during an on-shore wind the water becomes clogged with a noxious, clinging red weed that the locals call “mung.” It adheres to fishing lines, making casting and retrieving an exercise in frustration.  Do not attempt to wade fish if there is any surf.

Off road access is possible at the parking area (with four-wheel drive vehicles only) but a permit must be purchased at town hall and various safety equipment in the vehicle is required. Still, running the beach in a “beach buggy” is a time-honored Outer Cape striper fishing tradition.

Location: Eastern end of Beach Road.

Parking: Large paved lot, fee charged in the summer and early fall weekends. Free and open all other times. Daily or seasonal fee also covers entrance to Skaket Beach.

Access: Easy, lot is adjacent to beach. Walking (soft sand) is necessary to cover the most area.