Norton Point #420

Boat Spots Norton Point

Norton Point

NOAA chart number:  13233

Lat & Long:  41°28.8’ x 70°41’

Best tide: Either; action slows at slack.

Hazards:  Few. Scattered boulders close to shore.

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Fishing strategy:

(1)  Work close to shore casting soft plastics, eels, swimming plugs, flies or surface lures. Thoroughly work the rocks around the point but also cast and drift along the shore southwest through Lambert’s Cove, and north to the entrance to Tashmoo.

(2)  The boulder field in about 45-65 feet of water near the “Bow Bell” is a popular place to fish chunk baits, live eels and pogies but tt is also productive to target stripers you see on your fish finder with vertical jigs.

(3) In slightly closer, but in deeper water  (80-100 feet deep) anglers target large fluke and sea bass.

(4) The shallow flats can be productive fluke grounds.

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