Noman’s Land Island #417

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Noman’s Land Island

Fishing strategy:

(1) Casting: Stripers may be present literally anywhere along the rocky shores. Cast large soft plastics, eels, shallow running swimming plugs or surface lures very close to the shore and retrieve out into deeper water.

(2) Trolling: Work the entire circumference, slowing trolling large soft plastics, rigged eels, large swimming plugs or tubes, following 15-foot contour. The south side is a top producer for very large stripers on tube and worm.

(3) Drifting:  North side of the island is best if large swells are present as the island offers some protection. Drift in 20 – 25 feet of water and fish chunk baits on the bottom or deep jig for stripers. Use squid strips for large fluke and sea bass.

Written By Capt. Terry Nugent:

Noman’s Land is an island that lies 3 miles off the SW corner of Martha’s Vineyard.  This uninhabited islands was a bombing range for the military but is now a bird sanctuary.  They entire island is off limits to people due to possible unexploded bombs.  The waters around the island however are a fisherman’s dream.  The islands rocky shore holds stripers, blues, sea bass, scup and tautog in some Jurassic sizes.  While any spot along the shore of the islands can hold a trophy I prefer to fish the south facing shore for bass and bluefish.  The SW ledge holds some of the largest specimens of bottom fish you can imagine.  Tuna and shark also frequent the waters around the island so you never know what you might find on a trip here.

I like to start looking for striper and blues around Nomans in mid / late May and tings really heat up by mid-June.  The more popular ways to fish the rocky shoreline of the island include casting large top water plugs and big surface rubber baits (a personal favorite), drifting live eels or chunk baits over the near shore ledges and trolling wire line.  Just be aware of the large number of lobster pots in the area if you’re planning to troll.   As long as you have moving water the tide doesn’t seem to matter much out here, and when the tide slows up a short run of a mile or two from shore will offer you a strong chance of finding surface feeding tuna.  When you’re fishing the south side of the island be VERY aware of the ocean swells that roll up onto the beach.  More than one boat has been caught by one of these large waves and smashed onto the rocky shore of the island.   After the passing of an offshore storm the south side of the island will often be unfishable even when inshore waters are flat calm.

NOAA chart number:   13233

Lat & Long:   41°15.6’ x 70°50.4’

Best tide:  Any, action slows at slack

Hazards:  Boulders close to shore; prevailing southwest wind of summer and large ocean swells make fishing the south shore dangerous.

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