Nobska Point #413

Boat Spots Nobska

Nobska Point

(1)  Cast soft plastics, live eels, shallow running plugs or surface plugs into any breaks in tidal flow and around rocks. Drift with the tide and cast toward shore. In the fall, bonito and albies stage out front. Make long drifts with lots of blind casts.

(2)  Troll the 20-foot contour around the point, same direction as the tide. A large rip develops during a strong tide running away from the point – follow it using wire line for deeper presentation of jigs, large soft plastics, deep swimming plugs.

Without a doubt, this is a big bait spot. Fish Nobska the same way you would fish the Elizabeth Islands, which means large soft baits such as the 14″ Original. For whatever reason, bubble gum and bone work the best here, even after dark. When the bonito and albies show up in September, be armed and ready with a medium sized soft bait, such as the 7″ Hogy Original Amber, or 20 Gram SI Epoxy Jig in sand eel.

NOAA chart number:  13235

Lat & Long:  41°30.4’ x 70°39.5’

Best tide:  West (outgoing)

Hazards:  A few large boulders 50 – 100 yards off shore, easy to spot by breaks in the current. Many large rocks close to shore. Strong current at height of tide.

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