Middle Ground #414

Boat Spots Middle Ground

Middle Ground

(1) Casting: Keep boat on smooth side of rip, cast soft plastics (especially in the spring when large squid are present), jigs, large streamer flies or swimming plugs into the smoother side of the rip and allow them to drift or slowly swim over the area where depth changes and choppy water is present. The water on Middle Ground can be exceptionally weedy, so weddles rigged soft plastics will greatly up your game. Amber and bubble gum soft-baits are excellent colors to imitate squid.

(2) Trolling: Fish weedless rigged softbaits on swimbait hooks on leadcore in the rips. Be sure to jig these baits like you would wire line to shake off any weed. This is an incredibly deadly technique.

(3) The water gets a little deeper further west on Middle Ground. Stay a hundred yards off the rip line on the smooth side, proceed slowly in an S-pattern that allows any lures listed above to climb up the side of the drop off, then fall back over. Anglers will also fish for fluke in this area.

NOAA chart number:  13233

Lat & Long:  41°29’ x 70°38’

Best tide: Either tide (incoming or outgoing) fishes well; action will be slow at slack.

Hazards:  Few. Strong wind against tide can produce large standing waves at the edge of the rip line. Boat traffic and fishing activity can be heavy, especially on weekends in the summer. Water can be very weedy at times.

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