Popponessett Beach #643

To the east of South Cape Beach the shorefront becomes Popponesset Beach.  A series of small jetties line the beach and fishing around any of them may yield bass or bluefish. For generations, Poppy has been known as the premier early season spot for the first stripers and bluefish of the year. The water for a mile off the beach is quite shallow and warms quickly, which is why this seems to be the place those fish show first. Farther east along the beach is Popponesset Spit, a long sandy extension that marks the end of Popponsesset Bay. Walking to the end of the spit is worth the effort as a strong rip develops here during an outgoing tide and a 10-inch Hogy drifted out here can yield trophy size bass in the fall. The bay is a popular spot for fishing by boat or kayak. With the amount of boat traffic that passes through the narrow opening to the bay at the end of the spit, fishing well after dark or pre-dawn are best bets.

Location: South of Popponesset section of Mashpee.

Access: Somewhat difficult due to much posted private property.

Parking: Very limited (3 or 4 vehicles) at the public access point at end of Bluff Avenue. Although technically open all the time, nearby residents periodically petition the town to close this small area so check with local authorities for current status. Another option is parking at Popponesset Marketplace (259 Shore Drive) and walk to the water past the nearby restaurant. This will require a longer walk to access the Spit.