How To: Fishing the Shipping Lanes for Tuna #452

Fishing the Shipping Lanes for Tuna #452

The Shipping Lanes, a.k.a “the Lanes,” are the names referring to the commercial traffic separation schemes defining the approach to Boston. The Lanes have been fishing well in recent years on both ends of the season. I view the Lanes as stop #2 to Stellwagen if you don’t find fish on Stellwagen Bank. It’s only a few miles to the east and puts you in a good direction for more options if on a reconnaissance mission.

Here you’ll find yourself in deeper water. There have been butterfish and half beaks around in the past few seasons in addition to the usual bait supplies of herring, mackerel and sand eels. When making this run, I always have a Charter Grade Slider to imitate a herring or half beak, a Hogy Pro Tail Paddle to imitate a butterfish or a small herring and a Hogy Harness Jig to imitate a sand eel; all rigged and ready! You never know what you are going to stumble across in this area and fish come up fast.

  • Shipping Lanes Coordinates 42°11.528′ N, 69°56.561′ W