Harding’s Beach #623

Facing Nantucket Sound and almost a mile long, with excellent fishing possibilities, Harding’s is a premier destination for shore anglers in the Mid Cape Area. With a small outflow from the Buck’s Creek marshes at the southern end and the channel into Oyster Pond on the opposite end you will find plenty of fishy looking spots. This is a popular family beach so fishing under low or no light conditions is best. Behind the beach is Oyster River, which holds bass all season long but is best fished after dark due to heavy boat traffic. The water becomes increasingly shallow as you approach the entrance of the river on the Sound side and a good plan is to wade out onto the sand bars as the tide drops. Look for small channels between the bars and also concentrate your efforts on the deep water of the channel. Again, due to heavy boat traffic, fishing the bars and cuts is best after dark. Hogy Sand Eels or Skinnies will get the job done – bass, blues and even the occasional false albacore will come in close to the beach at times.

Location:  End of Harding’s Beach Road.

Parking:  Two large, paved lots at beach. Sticker required, available at the beach during the day. Free and open after dark and in the off season.

Access: Easy. Lots are directly next to the beach. For best fishing, assume you will be walking and wading some distance.