Megansett Harbor & Beach #618

The northern most of Falmouth town beaches located on Buzzards Bay, Megansett is in a large cove bordered by two peninsulas and faces the prevailing southwest breezes of summer, which often push bait and predators in very close to shore. The bottom along the beach is sandy with eel grass and the occasional boulder patch for cover for the fish. This spot has long been a traditional location for casting for bluefish in the summer and fall but stripers are also present in good numbers. The jetty at the end of the harbor next to the beach is a popular spot from which to cast but the footing is treacherous and it should not be attempted after dark. All the traditional striper and bluefish lures work here but when the blues are gone and stripers are present, 7-inch Hogys and 6-inch Skinny Hogys will produce when other lures do not.

Inside Megansett harbor offers some interesting possibilities. There is a very large mooring field off the town dock and into the harbor, which makes casting lures difficult but bait fishing here is a good possibility and this is a great spot to fish for scup with youngsters. Wading along the harbor edge around the rip-rap below one house and toward a bend in the harbor you will come to a small beach. This a great spot to fish for stripers – schoolies during the day in the spring and fall and bigger bass after dark. A very deep hole is right off this beach and it almost always holds fish, although they are targeted by many anglers and get smart very quickly. Farther inside and around another bend is the entrance to Squeteague Harbor. This area can feature some outstanding fishing in the fall if peanut bunker are present for bait but access is almost impossible and wading is difficult due to a very soft bottom. Still, a kayak fisherman can find some great action inside Squeteague.

Location: End of County Road, Megansett (North Falmouth).

Parking: Free parking lot but restricted to Falmouth residents in the summer during the day and locked at night. Open all other times.