Nobska #612

This is generally considered the premier spot in Falmouth to possibly hook up with a very large striped bass because of the strong rip that sweeps around the rocky point. Unfortunately there is only one prime spot from which to cast, a small broken down jetty on the east side of the hill below the lighthouse. Only one angler can fish it at a time and extreme caution should be taken when traversing the slippery, half submerged rocks to reach a flat boulder at the end from which you’ll cast. Either tide direction can be productive but most Nobska veterans prefer the west (outgoing) tide. Cast a large Hogy, shallow swimming plug or a popper out as far as possible and allow it to swing in the current as you employ moderate speed retrieve with plenty of action. Live eels are also extremely effective. Be sure to use fairly heavy casting gear here to keep a hooked fish away from the many barnacle encrusted rocks that lurk just below the surface.

If the prime spot is occupied you can walk along the rocks below the lighthouse and locate a few places where a carefully placed cast can deposit your lure between the rocks but be sure to reel in fast when a fish hits or it will surely break off around the rocks. Around the west side of the hill there is a stone jetty that is private so resist the temptation to fish from there, even though it looks very inviting! Beyond that jetty is Nobska Beach where stripers and blues can sometimes be taken, especially after dark. On the east side you’ll see a long stretch of beaches (private) and small jetties (also private) and as long as you stay below the high water mark you can legally access this long stretch all the way to Trunk River. This is a great area to walk and cast and in the fall you’ll often find schools of bass and blues charging in close here.

Location:  Nobska Road, at Nobska Lighthouse.

Parking:  Free but very limited, in pull off area at top of hill below the lighthouse.

Access:   No restrictions to area below the hill; private beaches to the east (stay below high water mark for legal access) and along town beach (restricted to Woods Hole residents) to the west of the point.