Surf Drive #631

Easily accessed and often productive, this long shorefront running roughly from the town beach parking lot at the intersection of Shore Street and the beginning of Surf Drive down to Trunk River to the west, you can find a variety of fish here for most of the spring, summer and fall seasons. Certain sections of the continuous beach are private but as always in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, if you stay below the high water mark you can legally fish. Because there is not a lot of cover for the fish this beach usually fishes best after dark but occasionally bass, blues and even the elusive false albacore will charge in close, trapping baitfish along the beach. There are two small outflows along the beach, one between the end of Walker Street and the end of Mill Road, the other about a quarter mile to the west and these are always good places to try during an outgoing tide. Try casting any of the standard subsurface or surface plugs anywhere along Surf Drive and savvy locals also use live eels here. You can also bait fish here and you will most likely connect with scup or maybe fluke or sea bass. Be aware that at times, because the prevailing southwest wind of summer can be quite strong, the water may be difficult to fish effectively due to dense seaweed. Unfortunately those conditions often feature the best fishing as bait is pushed close to shore.

Location: Beach along Surf Drive from the end of Shore Street to intersection of Shining Sea Bikeway.

Parking: Numerous lots and pull-offs, some free, some with fees.

Access:  Generally good although the Town of Falmouth closes the two town-owned lots after dark during the summer season. Before the end of June and after Labor Day both remain open and free of charge all day and night. A small dirt lot across from the second outflow mentioned above is always open and free of charge with parking for about a dozen vehicles and free parking can be found next to the intersection with the bikeway.