Chapaquoit Beach & West Falmouth Harbor #634

This beach is town owned and one of the few places on the Buzzards Bay side of Falmouth that are not private with restricted access. From the town beach parking lot, fish either to the south or north, casting and walking to cover ground in hopes of locating the bass and blues that often work along this beautiful beach, especially in the spring and fall during the day and in the summer at night. Moving is important because with a clear sand bottom and very little cover, fish will not likely hang in one spot for very long unless a lot of bait is present. Popping plugs that can be cast a good distance are a good choice here, as are small soft plastic such as the Hogy Sandeels or Hogy Originals in 6 and 7-inch sizes, to imitate the abundant sand eels that are prime forage. As long as you are sure to stay below the high water mark, the rocks you’ll see along Chapaquoit Island (not truly an island) to the north are a prime location.

Behind the beach is West Falmouth Harbor. Walk through the dunes across from the parking lot and fish all along the flat, which is a small drop off in places where schoolie bass and sometimes bigger ones patrol in search of food. To the south is a small bridge and the deep water just off it is always a good bet. This area features a huge “worm hatch” in the spring, which is difficult to predict but if you’re fortunate enough to be there when it happens you will find many bass – including some quite large ones – feeding on the tiny worms. Because of this and the fact that behind the beach flats allow for easier casting than the beachfront, this area is very popular with fly fishermen and light tackle spinning gear enthusiasts. Inside the harbor does not fish well at the height of the summer due to very warm water and heavy boat traffic but in the spring and especially in the fall it can be fantastic.

Location: Off Chapaquoit Road in West Falmouth.

Parking: Town parking lot at the town beach. This lot is for residents only in the summer and is also closed at night from the end of June through Labor Day. Free and open at all other times.

Access: Easy. Town lot is directly next to beach. However, much private and posted land and private roads are nearby on either side of the beach. Do not enter or attempt to park in these areas.