First Encounter Beach #619

Named for the first, somewhat unpleasant encounter between the Pilgrims and the native population (the Pilgrims were in the process of stealing food that the natives had stored, and naturally they took exception to this!), First Encounter has great potential for good striper fishing for most of the season. This is because a good sized creek empties out of the marsh behind the beach and unlike the sandy beaches to the south on the Cape Cod Bay side there is decent cover for the fish in terms of weed and mussel patches, plus gravel and rock beds just off shore. Still, as with all the beaches on this side of the Cape, fishing during the two-hour period around high tide will bring the best results. Try to arrive under the cover of darkness and hour or so before high tide and walk south along the beach to the creek mouth. Fish the entrance but also inside where you’ll find some steep edges and deep holes that usually hold bass. Then as the tide drops, work your way out onto the flats and keep a sharp eye out for cruising stripers. Hogy 7-inch Originals, Sand Eels and Skinnies are go-to lures here. Other shallow running lures will work and this is a favorite spot for fly-fishing.

Location:  Eastern end of Samoset Road.

Parking: Large paved lot, fee charged during the day in the summer. Free and open other times.

Access: Easy. Lot is adjacent to beach. A short walk brings you to the creek mouth. Wading is advised (during a dropping tide only).