Coast Guard Beach #641

This beach is quite famous as a surf casting location and the waves can be large at times so heavy gear is required. Wading is not advised or required but the ability to cast some distance is important. Seals and “mung” (a clinging seaweed) can be problematic at times. To fish effectively here you should count of walking and casting – target the deeper water between the outer bars. The sand is soft so walking can be quite exhausting but a half-mile hike to the south will bring you to the outlet of Nauset Marsh, a huge area behind the outer beach that always holds bass throughout the season. Sand eels are the most important forage for the fish so 7 and 10-inch Hogy Originals, Hogy Skinnies and Sand Eels are best bets. Surf fishermen also use large swimmers, needlefish and poppers. The higher stages of the tide fish better than low tide but at times bait is trapped in the deeper water behind the bars and stripers will take advantage.

Access: Easy. Parking adjacent to beach. Plan on some wading and walking to locate the fish.