Boat Meadow Beach #640

An excellent location for sight casting to cruising striped bass. The access point is directly at the end of a large marsh with a significant outflow running into Cape Cod Bay. The deep hole just off the small beach is a good place to start and working edges of the marsh can yield plenty of fish at the top of the tide. This is also a great place to launch a kayak and explore the marsh during an incoming tide, then drift and fish your way back out as the tide drops. Off the beach and out into the bay, many sand bars and slightly deeper channels between them will be revealed during the ebb – those channels are striper highways. Wade carefully and quietly while looking for bass in the cuts and always throw a few casts over any darker water that gives away the presence of weed beds, favorite cover for stripers. Sand Eels are the primary forage so use Hogy Sand Eels or Skinnies. Shallow running swimming plugs are a good bet too, as are small metals that show a long thin profile and run just under the surface. Fly fishermen do very well here, too. This is a popular swimming beach with limited parking so fish during the evening or pre-dawn for best results.

Location:  Eastern end of Bayview Road.

Parking: Small sand lot, limited number of spaces, fee charged during the day in the summer. Free and open all other times.