Crowe’s Pasture Conservation Area #647

One of the largest pieces of undeveloped land bordering Cape Cod Bay with Quivett Creek behind it, this is not only a great fishing area but a beautiful one too. Four-wheel drive access is allowed with proper permits and equipment. After parking near the end of the dirt road, follow the paths over the dunes to the beach and fish the flats outside or walk down the beach to the opening of Quivett Creek. Stripers will be almost anywhere here but their location is entirely dependant on the stage of the tide. A good plan is to fish the mouth of the outflow at high tide, then gradually wade out on the flats as the tide drops. The flats here are huge and as the tide drops the fish will use the deeper cuts between them to make their way out to the deeper water off shore. Even if the action is good, DO NOT hesitate to begin making your way back to shore when the tide turns because it rises quickly. The fishing here can be spectacular at times, especially in late spring. Use Hogy Sand Eels or the smaller Hogy Skinnies.

Location: End of South Street.

Access: Some walking required to reach the beach and creek mouth, over soft sand.

Parking: Various small pull-offs along South Street after it turns into a dirt road. Depending on how much use the road has received over the course of the season it may be deeply rutted, requiring a regular vehicle to park some distance from the beach.

Special Note:  This is a relatively new Conservation Area, administered by the Town of Dennis and parking regulations have changed during recent years with varying degrees of enforcement. Checking with town hall for the latest information is advised.