Chapin Memorial Beach #645

One of the better places to fish on the north side of the Cape due to easy access, a wide and long beachfront to explore and the prime spot at the opening of Chase Garden Creek at the southern end. Stripers are the focus here and with huge numbers of sand eels both on the flats off the beach and in the creek behind it you can be sure stripers will be nearby from spring right through the fall. Off road vehicles are allowed on sections of this beach – check with town hall for the latest regulations and permit/equipment requirements. If you do decide to wade out onto the flats off the beach as the tide drops, be absolutely sure to retreat back to the beach when the tide turns. The water rises quickly all along the Cape Cod Bay side with a range of 8 feet in places (6 inches every 15 minutes!). There is not much cover for the fish along the clear sand bottom so fishing during low light conditions is best. Use Hogy Sand Eels, Hogy Skinnies or 7” Hogy Original series lures. Fly anglers do well here too and many locals throw out a bait rig loaded with fresh sand eels during the 2-hour period on either side of high tide.

Location: End of Chapin Beach Road.

Access: Easy, directly adjacent to parking lot.

Parking: Large paved lot. Fee charged during the day in the summer; free and open all other times.