Cuttyhunk #411

Boat Spots Chuttyhunk


Drift along either side of island and cast toward shore, landing lures or live eels as close to shore as possible or around submerged boulders off shore. Soft plastics, swimming plugs, surface swimmers, large streamer flies, live eels and poppers will produce.

Tube and worm trolled in 12 – 20 feet of water along either side of island (Vineyard Sound side generally considered best). Large swimming plugs on wire line in deeper water and along Sow and Pigs reef.

  • Approx. Lat & Long:  41°25’ x 70°56’
  • Best Tide:  Outgoing (west) along island; Incoming (east) at Sow and Pigs reef.
  • Hazards:  Numerous large rocks along island, some 100 yards or more off shore along Vineyard Sound side. Strong tidal flow and large swells may be present. Line of rocks just below surface at Sow and Pigs reef – this is a particularly dangerous area when wind is strong and large swells break over the reef.
  • NOAA Chart Number13230
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