Crab Ledge

Crab Ledge
Crab Ledge is the closest of all the Bluefin tuna spots “out East.” (about 45nm from Falmouth) I like this spot because it is relatively easy to get here for sunrise. Crab ledge holds a ton of bait and I feel like you always have a decent shot at a fish here. I’ll stick it out here for maybe 45 Min at sunrise (assuming I have no intel for any other spot).

Note: Once you have hit the Crab ledge Area, you are in “tuna country” so anytime running to the “next spot” is in grade. Keep eyes peeled. Just because a spot doesn’t have a name, it doesn’t mean there can’t be fish there ;).


  • North Edge 41° 41.000′ N, 69° 47.000′ W
  • West Edge 41° 41.000′ N, 69° 49.000′ W
  • NE Corner 41° 41.000′ N, 69° 43.050′ W
  • South Edge 41° 36.000′, 69° 47.000′ W