Coxes Ledge #448

Relatively speaking, Coxes Ledge is equidistant from Cape Cod, Block Island and Montauk so it
gets a lot of traffic. Early in the season it is a known bluefin tuna spot but can also hold the usual
blue water suspects when warm water eddies come in.

In the winter and again in mid-summer, Coxes Ledge is a known cod fishing spot. Anglers will
drift the wrecks, which are identifiable on the fish finder. Similar to the Claw, it is an excellent
shark fishing spot with so much structure. Often fished in conjunction with the Inside Fingers
and the Claw.

Similar to the Claw, baitfish found here includes butterfish, small squid, sand eels, hake and
small mackerel. Top lures here include high-speed squid bars that mimic the local forage. Unless
the “action” dictates otherwise, I like to troll the structure here.

A few Tips to Get You Started:

  • I start with trolling the wreck line (1). If nothing, I will zig zag the various contour lines
    (2) and (3)

  • If the water temp is 70 degrees or warmer, be ready for mahi mahi. Similarly to fishing
    the Claw, you should have at least one spinning rod rigged for busting tuna and maybe
    another with a soft-bait for a cruising white marlin.
  • Coxes Ledge has great Cod Fishing. Many anglers will drift over the ledges. On calm
    days, you can get down with 6 ounces, but 8 and 10-ounce jigs or sinkers are better suited
    for success. Here’s a video we filmed here a few years ago dropping on cod.

  • Approx Lat & Long:  41° 3.351’ N, 71° 6.429’ W
  • Best Tide: Varies


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