Morris Island #607

Morris Island is a premier area for shore fishing. With multiple channels between sand bars, deeper drop offs in some areas, plentiful bait in the form of sand eels and the outflow of Oyster River at the southerly end, this area can be fished at just about any stage of the tide with good chances of success. It’s important to walk and cast and wading is necessary in some spots to reach the fish but there are good opportunities for sight casting here for cruising striped bass. Begin fishing just below the Monomoy Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center and work your way along the beach casting to any “dark” water you see. If the tide is dropping, wade out and cast where possible. Eventually you will come to the channel and outflow of Oyster River. This channel often holds large stripers but it is a very popular harbor with boaters so fishing after dark is your best bet. In spite of a fair amount of walking required to fish the entire area thoroughly, Morris Island is well worth the effort – and is a beautiful spot, too.

Tide Chart

Location:  Southern end of Tilipi Run Road, South Chatham.

Parking:  Limited, free 24-hour parking at the Monomoy Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.

Access: Follow path to stairs leading down to beach. Fish the beachfront all the way to the entrance to Oyster River (approx. ¼ mile).