Interior Pleasant Bay #606

There are a number of small town landings and access points inside Pleasant Bay but most of them are in private areas with parking for only one or two vehicles. However, the small parking area at the end of Strong Island Road gives you access to a deep channel that features a strong tidal flow due to a new opening in the outer beach. Fish anywhere along this sandy shore and wade out to reach the channel. Stripers move through here at different stages of the tide. Try Hogy Skinnies or Sand Eels as sand eels and silversides are the primary bait throughout Pleasant Bay. This area is also popular with fly fishermen and is a good place to launch a kayak to explore the various channels nearby.  For best action, fish pre-dawn before boat traffic increases.

Tide Chart

Location: End of Strong Island Road.

Parking: Free, room for four vehicles.

Access: Easy. Fish anywhere along the sandy shorefront. Wading is necessary to cast to the deeper water.