How To: Spook-Style Plugs


Spook-style lures are designed to be fished on or just below the surface. They do not “pop” like a surface popper; rather they “walk” along with a zig-zag motion while pushing a bit of water. This is due to their torpedo shape. Developing the correct retrieve sometimes takes a bit of practice but it is well worth the effort as Spooks will often get hits when nothing else will. Because of this they are a good choice for prospecting in an area where there is no obvious action. If stripers are around they will almost always at least check out a Spook!

Keep the rod tip fairly low and carefully watch the lure to determine the best retrieve speed and tip action to impart the “walk the dog” action that is crucial to success with a Spook. Most Spooks are fairly light and do not sink so if you want the lure to swim just under the surface, which can also be very productive, just lower the rod tip a bit during the retrieve. Keep a steady cadence, fairly slow, but keep using the rod to impart the side-to-side motion.

Spooks are a great choice in relatively smooth water where there is a bit of current, such as an estuary or over the flats at Monomoy or off Brewster. When the water is choppy it is almost impossible to impart the correct action.

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